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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

  • A research-based therapeutic approach designed to benefit those who have difficulty regulating their emotions

  • Helps individuals recognize their reactivity to negative emotions such as anger and anxiety through Mindfulnessโ€‹โ€‹

  • Provides individuals with useful tools designed to manage these emotions

  • Teaches assertiveness skills so that individuals can effectively work towards addressing their wants and needs from others

  • Helps to identify negative coping skills presently being used (over/under-eating, substance use,  self-injuring), working towards creating positive coping skills which will potentially decrease life-threatening behaviors


Who Benefits From DBT

Anyone who experiences emotions! Anyone wishing to improve in their mindfulness of self and others, Designed originally to use with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Because of DBT success with BPD, it is now a treatment used to work with individuals who present with various characteristics including:

Unstable sense of self, including chronic feelings of emptiness/loneliness, Significant emotional activity in which the individual requires a long time to calm down, Those who predominantly use “all or nothing” thinking, Individuals who often lash out in anger over small matters, Continuous involvement in unstable, intimate relationships, Heightened fear of abandonment, Rapid mood changes mixed with anxiety and depression,  Impulsive and self-destructive behavior (cutting, purging, head banging, etc.).

DBT Skills Group/ Borderline Support Group

DBT skills group is facilitated by a therapist who is specialized in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Focus is the use of DBT skills and providing support for each other.

 Group Details 

**Intake Session is required before being allowed to join the group.

In- Person Group

Time: Every Wednesday: 6pm -7:15pm

Location: 639 woodward St. Orlando, FL 32803

โ€‹Session Cost: $30

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